Hello I’m Trace, a Canadian expat recently moved to New York from Stockholm, Sweden!  I started creating at a young age while earning a degree in Fashion and have designed eyewear, men's and women's apparel, shoes, hats, bags, homeware—you name it, I’ve probably done it!

The Aurelia + Icarus brand was born out of my passion for individuality and love for the environment.  I want to make women feel good about themselves without harming the planet. Learn more about my cause.

I'm inspired by unusual objects and cultures and translate that back in my studio by carefully transforming materials such as goldgemstones and pearls into collectible pieces of distinctlimited-editiondesigner jewelry

In my spare time you can find me endlessly organising my cozy home; plotting my next world adventure; designing and creating nik naks and revelling in the serendipities and idiosyncrasies of everyday life.

Enjoy your browse and do convo me if you need any assistance.

Stop by my blog, The Fashion Collector, where you can discover more about myself and my chronicles on styletravel + living in New York and abroad!

Personal Note:

Biographies are strange things. About pages. All that. You basically have to puff yourself up and act all important to make sure people know why you’re worth it. I’m a very approachable person. Never hesitate to introduce yourself!

Trace xo