Making skins on Roblox is easy!

The curriculum is based on a step by step, easy-to-follow set of video modules. 

Educators would play each module on a large screen, and students would follow along and implement their progress on their computers.

A web3 professional would assist in-person or by video call at the start of the program to ensure everything flows smoothly.  

Tentative module order:

1. Learning about Roblox and opportunities in Roblox Marketplace. -Researching who competitors are.

-Learning about pricing and Limited Edition pieces.

-Learning about types of avatars, and which ones are best to sell the most skins on.

- 'Robux' (Roblox's currency), -Upload fees-Commission Roblox takes from items sold on their platform.

2. Rough draft of collection creation.

-Deciding what skins to create. ie. T-Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Accessories, etc.

-Researching what sells according to favorites and bestsellers.

3. Using generative AI as a tool for design inspiration and as a guide in product description writing.

-Midjourney and Chat GPT are the most commonly used platforms for this.

4. Implementing ideas onto a Roblox template.

5. Exporting file to Roblox Studio and submitting to Roblox Marketplace along with prices and description.

To keep students motivated, we suggest a small collection of 3-5 pieces and designing and exporting them one by one onto the platform, as it may take Roblox time to approve each design.

Note: Format may be subject to change.