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Future-focused jewelry outlier house launches fearlessly into a metaverse space where big brands have thought little about. 


AURELIA + ICARUS Founder & CEO, Tracy Greenan wearing their virtual earrings and physical necklace online.

 NEW YORK, January 24, 2022—AURELIA + ICARUS, A digital-first phygital fine jewelry start-up, announced their collaboration today with digital accessories brand, Jevels to launch The Metaverse Jewelry Box Starter Set:  Stand out Online and feel beautiful In Real Life with the Official Phygital Fashion Kit for Future-Forward Style Lovers. 

Their debut limited-edition phygital collection launches January 25th and was created to provide a vibrant and original collectible option for the client experience as well as an environmentally sustainable alternative.

Kit includes:

  • One 14 Karat Gold Filled Multi Chain Necklace with one matching pair of 14 Karat Gold Filled Gemstone Earrings, each piece garnished with one-of-a-kind deluxe citrine crystals.
  • Augmented Reality Filters of both pieces that can be worn on video calls such as Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Skype, on YouTube, in pictures, on social media or in the metaverse.  Also comes with a subtle beauty filter to look your best with the virtual jewelry under any conditions.
  • 3D NFTs of the necklace and earrings, confirming the owner's exclusive rights. A stylish and dynamic way to start your NFT collection, or add to your own.  The NFTs may be traded on other platforms and are backed by the Ethereum blockchain
  • Source file GLB, which allows usability across virtual worlds in the metaverse
  • Kit comes in a ready-to-gift signature box with QR code instructions


  Physical jewelry featured at 0:19-0:27 

When you are not online the physical pieces can be worn anywhere.

The collection retails for USD $398.00 and is available for purchase on and

"Many people underestimate the value of digital items, because they think they cannot wear them or use them in the physical world. However, they seem to forget how much time they spend virtually--either on social media and in calls with colleagues or friends and how much time they spend in front of the mirror trying to look good physically, even though a virtual styling would have been enough." Zuzanna Bastian, CEO and Founder of Jevels

On February 10th, Jevels and AURELIA + ICARUS will be speaking alongside digital fashion house, The Fabricant at New York Digital Fashion Week and will be hosting a workshop February 11th to discuss their physical to digital transformation collaboration. 

The official launch of the The Metaverse Jewelry Box Starter Set will take place February 11th on Spatial, the metaverse event and gallery space.  


Wear Physical Jewelry in Real Life
Or Online

Detail of Metaverse Jewelry Box Set


"Everyone deserves to feel beautiful.  It's my intention of making this technology available for all at a fair price so that everyone may experience and own a piece of the brand while also having a beneficial impact on the planet that digital jewelry provides.  Additionally, it's a wonderful opportunity to introduce my traditional clients to a new, vibrant way of wearing jewelry they never thought possible." —Tracy Greenan, CEO and Founder of AURELIA + ICARUS


 Greenan at Hudson Yards, New York 


AURELIA + ICARUS is is a digital-first, direct-to-consumer phygital fine jewelry house, dedicated to helping women feel good about themselves without harming the planet. The company was founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Tracy Greenan in 2018 and is now based in New York City. Greenan is a British/Asian Canadian serial fashion entrepreneur who started working in the fashion industry in Toronto, Canada as a shoe designer in 1991 while a student in university.

All physical jewelry is designed and assembled in their New York atelier. Items over $300 are garnished with Serial Numbers, CVVs and QR codes to trace authenticity. Collections are exclusively made in limited editions and are non-seasonal. Packaging is plastic-free with carbon neutral delivery.



AURELIA + ICARUS invites you to join them as they strive with humility and resolve, to create a more positive and beautiful world.

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