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Future-Focused Fashion Outlier Launches into a Metaverse Space Where Big Brands have Thought Little About


NEW YORK, January 24, 2022—AURELIA + ICARUS, A digital-first phygital fine jewelry start-up, announced their collaboration today with digital accessories brand, Jevels to launch a limited-edition phygital jewelry collection called The Metaverse Starter Set for Style Lovers.

While corporations are scrambling to build their own crypto currencies and NFTs whether they fit in sync with their customers or not, two fashion start ups have been quietly solving a virtually overlooked problem.

Although many fashion-keen individuals have heard of the metaverse and NFTs, most don't know how to enter the realm, some may even feel intimidated of the unknown and/or are unsure how it would benefit them. 

The Metaverse Starter Set for Style Lovers provides a fun and unique experience for style-loving metaverse rookies with step-by-step instructions on how to claim and use your virtual fashion pieces in the metaverse while enjoying their 'physical twins' to wear anywhere In Real Life.

This collaboration is the first of its kind where physical jewelry is digitized and provided to the customer in both physical and digital versions.

Kit includes:

  • One 14 Karat Gold Filled Multi Chain Necklace with one matching pair of 14 Karat Gold Filled Gemstone Earrings, each piece garnished with one-of-a-kind deluxe citrine crystals
  • Augmented Reality Filters of each piece that can be worn on video calls such as Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Skype, on YouTube, in pictures, on social media or in the metaverse.  Creates a stylish and unique presence guaranteed to freshen up the stale screens of online calls.  
  • Also comes with a subtle beauty filter to look your virtual best with your digital jewelry under any conditions
  • 3D files of the necklace and earrings verified on the Ethereum blockchain as wearable NFTs, confirming the owner's exclusive rights. A stylish and dynamic way to start your NFT collection, or add to your own. The NFTs may be traded on other platforms
  • Source file of the design, which allows usability across virtual worlds in the metaverse
  • Kit comes in a ready-to-gift signature box with QR code instructions

The official launch of the The Metaverse Starter Set for Style Lovers takes place February 11th on Spatial, the metaverse event and gallery space. All info will be shared on socials.  

AURELIA + ICARUS was founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Tracy Greenan, a Canadian serial fashion entrepreneur in 2018 and is now based in New York City.




Instagram: @aurelia_and_icarus